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Governing Board

Governing Board & Committee Chairs

The purpose of the AOMAM Governing Board is to provide governance for the good of the Association. The Board and/or its members shall:

  • Provide the source for officer candidates and elect the Officers.
  • May serve as a member liaison of each standing committee.
  • Make policy decisions, which shall bind the Association, subject to ratification at the annual membership meeting unless voted down by membership.
  • Ratify Executive Committee decisions made between Board meetings.
  • Implement policy decisions.

Current Board goals are to:

  1. Increase active, satisfied and committed membership.
  2. Create and pass proactive legislation.
  3. Produce and develop effective, consistent, professional PR/Marketing.
  4. Develop effective administration and governance.
  5. Create positive professional networks.

2015 Board of Directors:

Aaron Schindler, M.Om., L.Ac.

Aaron is a licensed acupuncturist and holds a Diplomate of Chinese Medicine from NCCAOM. He is a 2008 graduate from NWHSU/CAOM and maintains a private practice in north Minneapolis.

He is also a Medical Laboratory Technician with 19 years experience in various clinical settings including the Neuroimmunology Department at Mayo Foundation working with myasthenia gravis testing and paraneoplastic disorders.

license in 2004 from Mankato School of Internal Martial Arts, and currently teaches Tai Chi, Baguazhang Kung Fu and Qi Gong for longevity and healing.

Aaron enjoys brush painting, growing Chinese herbs, jogging with his dog Spike, wine making, and travel.


Elena Pekuroskvy, DC, M.Om., L.Ac.
Vice President / Continuing Education Chair

Elena Pekuroskvy, D.C., L.Ac received her Master of Oriental Medicine from NWHSU/MCAOM in 2010.  Her health career started in Russia 25 years ago.  She worked in a variety of hospital settings and also went to medical school.  Due to immigration to the U.S., she decided to pursue studies in chiropractic and acupuncture.  She wanted to know more about traditional medical practices of the world since her ancestors had practiced it successfully and her mentors encouraged this pursuit of knowledge.

Dr. Elena has been in practice in the Twin Cities since 1998.  Her primary focus of clinical work is pain management, female health, and family care.  Dr. Elena uses a combination of Western medical training, the holistic care philosophy of chiropractic and Chinese medicine and manual skills which were polished and perfected with the help of numerous teachers in Russia and the U.S.

Outside of busy professional life, Elena likes reading, watching movies, gardening, painting and spending time with her husband, two children, a dog and two cats.


Jean Twomey

Jean Twomey is a third year student of AOM at NWHSU.  Prior to starting a career in Oriental Medicine, she served as an officer and pilot in the active duty and reserve Air Force for twenty years.  In addition to flying worldwide missions in the C-5 Galaxy, Jean worked in several Pentagon staff positions, to include Executive Officer to the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review Staff, and the Executive Assistant to the Air Force Inspector General.  Jean received her Bachelor of Science from the US Air Force Academy in Operations Research and Economics, and Master of Science from the University of California Berkeley in Operations Research.

Jean's interest in a healing career has been fueled by her experiences in stydying with spiritual teachers in both Ireland and India.  When her nose is not in a book, she enjoys gardening, hiking, Scrabble, yoga, watching movies, cross-country skiing on 40 year old skis, and spending time with her husband and extended family.


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Finance Committee Chair
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AOMAM Committees

Valerie Overby
Membership Chair

I am a seasoned project planner, leader and team builder. I’ve worn many hats in my career – lab assistant and researcher, project manager, graduate student, clinic coordinator and acupuncture intern. As a result, I have a unique and dynamic ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.

I have big ideas, but so do a lot of people, it’s the execution that matters and I'd rather collaborate to see that it happens than not eek along in solitude. I’m not interested in taking the credit, I’d rather see goals accomplished, tasks crossed off my list, and a wave of momentum to keep life's inertia from sabotaging creative endeavors.

I love making new professional connections. Reach out if you want to talk alternative medicine, research and care modalities…. But I don’t stop there and happily swim with the rest of the data nerds, wordsmiths and spreadsheet junkies.

Specialties: Writing, editing, project planning, synthesizing elaborate materials, team building and collaboration, high-level relationships, flexibility and multi-tasking, managing teams and collaborating between groups, event planning


Kimberly Fritz, M.Om, L.Ac. Dipl Ac., Dipl CH
Communications Committee Chair

Kimberly graduated from MCAOM/NWHSU in 2003 with a Master of Oriental medicine and has since owned and operated Green Dragon Acupuncture, currently operating in Blaine.  She also serves as a Commissioner to the ACAOM (The Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), and is a part time certified CPR Instructor contracting with CPR Professionals.

Kimberly is a wife, and mother of 4 children and one cat.  Her other interests are fitness (running, yoga and qigong), gardening, reading, being in the outdoors, and promoting traditional Chinese medicine.  She has a special interest in integrating Western and Eastern medicines in the treatment of Autism.


Bonnie Bolash, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl Ac.
Administrative Assistant to the Board

Bonnie is a graduate of MIAHS who went on to complete her Master of Acupuncture in 2001at NWHSU.  She also has a degree in Small Business Management and was a Certified Massage Therapist.

Bonnie is former Chair of the AOMAM Legislative Committee and was a vital participant in the Equal Access to Acupuncture Bill.  Her private practice is in Crystal and she is a wife and mother of three children.